Yallourn North Primary School


Enrolment at any school can be a daunting process.  There are so many forms to fill out and they are like a mine field as they ask for so much information.  All information gained is used by the school to assist your son/daughter to receive the best education possible.  All the forms needed to enrol can be found below.

Please contact the school for an enrolment interview.  Only students residing within the Yallourn North Zone can enrol at any time of the year.  All other interested families will have to enrol in term 4 of the preceeding year to be offered a place at our school for the following school year.
Step 1 - Enrolment form.
Complete this form and make sure you enter your occupation code as this is used by the Department to work out our school funding.
YNPS Enrolment form 2013.pdf YNPS Enrolment form 2013.pdf
Size : 2502.106 Kb
Type : pdf
Family Occupation Codes.pdf Family Occupation Codes.pdf
Size : 1001.402 Kb
Type : pdf
Step 2 - Digital Permissions Form.
These forms give the school permission to use both your photo (Adult) and your child's photos in the school newsletter, Newspaper and on our website.
adultconsentpublfrm.doc adultconsentpublfrm.doc
Size : 54 Kb
Type : doc
electronic publication form.doc electronic publication form.doc
Size : 58 Kb
Type : doc
Step 3 - Digital technologies agreement and RE form.
This is an agreement by the family that digital media such as computers, internet and Instant Messaging services will be used responsibly by the student while at home and school.  The RE form gives permission for your child to participate in Religious Instruction.
RE permission form.pdf RE permission form.pdf
Size : 67.631 Kb
Type : pdf
Step 4 - Headlice Checks.
Unfortunately from time to time students get headlice.  To try and minimise this at our school, we ask for permission so we can check all students hair to ensure these critters don't become established in our school.
YNPS Headlice check.pdf YNPS Headlice check.pdf
Size : 481.498 Kb
Type : pdf
Congratulations, that is all the information we require.  May your time at Yallourn North Primary School be filled with many happy memories.